Comença el projecte Classical origins of Europe

Comença el projecte Classical origins of Europe en col·laboració amb altres instituts europeus en el marc del projecte Erasmus +.

Our Center Project states that Alexandre de Riquer secondary school has to :

– be a cultural landmark in its territorial area, promoting the knowledge and survival of local traditions and the integration into the social and cultural actions that are developed in the country and the world.

– promote the knowledge of foreign languages among students, through multilingual projects, so that they can come out better prepared for their future careers. Adding the knowledge of other cultures and European societies, through the participation in European projects or international exchanges.

– make the students appreciate the values of the natural environment of the area and its historical, artistic and cultural heritage.

– promote ICT from all subject areas which form part of the curriculum.

For us one of the main goals in this Erasmus+ KA229 project is finding out relevant similarities among the partners of this project as European citizens, being aware of our Classical common past. Apart from that, this project will give us the chance to use new ICT tools, improve English skills as well as know Roman remains and cultural background in Europe in the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

This project is aimed to achieve an improvement of English language and communicative skills by means of digital tools and contents that connect different European countries from the point of view of their classical origins and heritage. The association of different schools in Europe is the best way to reach our objectives. It will give us the opportunity to learn about other cultures which are closer to us than we have ever thought. Working with colleagues from other countries for a common purpose will expand our vision of the reality that unites us as European citizens, while English language and ICT become meaningful learning tools.

Most of the activities proposed in the project are CLIL (Contents and Language Integrated Learning.) The contents include several topics: history, town planning, language, technology and traditions. The activities in the project are designed to fulfill its academic objectives and to promote a collaborative workingstyle in which all students fit and will be able to contribute and benefit. The students will work individually, in pairs or in groups when activities are in their own school. However, they will have the possibility to work in mixed pairs or groups with mates from other countries in mobilities, Skype sessions or other kinds of connection.

The institutions and countries taking part in the project are :

Scoala Gimnaziala “Gheorghe Popovici”in Apateu, Romania.

Zakladni skola in Brno, Czech Republic

4th Gymnasium Volos in Volos, Greece

Istituto Comprensivo Statale Politeama in Palermo, Italy (to be confirmed)

The teachers involved are mainly those that form the international projects comission in each school. Members of the city council, representatives of the teaching staff, students and parents will be properly informed in the school council meetings about the project, and they will be invited to cooperate to the extent they are able to: by making dissemination, giving accomodation to students, accompanying pupils in mobilities, attending oral presentations… Just to mention some of the possible situations in which all of them can get involved.

The mobilities are expected to be 4 (2 per year) plus 1 welcome at own school. A pair of teachers will travel each time with 5 students. So the meetings in each country will involve a mobility of 20 students with their 8 respective teachers from 4 different countries. While at own school, everyone will develop all sections of the project, the students who travel will represent the rest of the class in other countries by oral presentations of the contents on one of the sections previously established.

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