Forming the Past Simple

With most verbs, the Past Simple is created simply by adding -ED. However, with some verbs, you need to add -D or change the ending a little. Here are the rules:

forming simple past

Be careful! For regular verbs that end in a vowel+y, we add ed. We don’t change y to i+ed!

Examples: play / played, enjoy / enjoyed


Online activities

Click on the following link to practice forming the Simple Past:

Activity 1 (easy)

Crossword 1

Crossword 2

Crossword 3 (difficult)

Ending -ED in Past Simple (exercise 1)

Ending -ED in Past Simple (exercise 2)

Ending -ED in Past Simple (exercise 3)

Ending -ED in Past Simple (exercise 4)

Ending -Y / -ED in Past Simple

Matching verbs

Writing the regular verb in Simple Past (exercise 1)

Writing the regular verb in Simple Past (exercise 2)

Writing the regular verb in Simple Past (exercise 3)

Reading – fill in the gaps

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