Back to the Primary School

On Monday the 13th of January and the 17th of February we went to the Primary School to help some children read in English.

Each student from our class sat with a child and helped them with their reading. We read a book in English and we translated it together. It was great fun for all of us.

I think that it is a very good idea to start reading in English from an early age. That means that children can already make some sentences because of all the new vocabulary and structures they are learning.

The children that I helped with their reading asked me a lot of questions such as “what does this word mean” or “how do you say that in Catalan?” which means that they are interested and motivated and sometimes all they need is just a little push. I also think that English will be much easier for them in the future if they start reading in the language now.

I wish that my parents or that my school had made me read in English and let me watch films in English because learning the language would have been easier.

I loved having the opportunity to contribute towards helping these children with the language and in turn help them achieve a good level in the future.

Text: Sofia Pedrero, 3B; Edited by Sílvia Sabater

Last week, some of our students from the 4th of ESO stage went to the primary school to teach the small children how to read books.

When we arrived there, we were presented to the small students. It was very nice to be back to the primary school, but this time as teachers.

The children were very excited and enthusiastic about what they were going to do. They chose the books they wanted us to read them. We had to correct their pronunciation and check if they understood the tales. One hour passed very quickly.

We had a great time with them and they seemed to be very happy too. I think it is a very gratifying experience, both for us and our small friends.

Text: Aina Ribas, 4 B; Edited by Marina Petrova.


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