(Andrea Cera Palatsí, 2n BAT A)

Last week 2nd of Batxillerat students attended a presentation in English about time management. The speaker talked about different aspects of this ability such as which are the most typical distractions or different methods to be able to organize our routine. To my mind, one of the most remarkable moments was just before the beginning of the lecture since she made a curious comparison between our time and a jar. The jar represented our life. First, she put the essential parts of our day, which were table tennis balls and then she started filling the empty space with marbles, little pink pieces and tiny pasta grains. It was interesting because it was a really graphic way to say that first we have to put the most important things and then we have to fit the other things, in order of importance. To be honest, the lecture was more enjoyable than I had expected when I was told about the topic. She had a great level of English and gave us some useful advice. For example, she emphasized the importance of motivation and revealed that the key of being organized was creating a habit. In conclusion, it was a suitable presentation for us taking into consideration that next year we are going to go to university and for the first time we are going to be the owners of our life.

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