Etwinning “In one sky 2C”

Guillem Fortuny School joined the project IN ONE SKY 2C, where 22 schools from 12 European countries are involved: United Kingdom, North Macedonia, Turkey, Finland, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Georgia, Lithuania and Spain.

The purpose of our project is to create awareness for our students who will be adults of tomorrow, to live their future better, to obtain the necessary information and to find solutions. To make our students conscious consumer .

With our project, our students will develop critical perspectives on climate change with their skills in science,technology and engineering.With our project, our students should be informed about climate change and express their learning safely; We aimed to enable them to use technology in their works, to show their talents and to become conscious consumers who are sensitive to the environment, and to develop their foreign languages. It will also improve the English knowledge.

We are very excited to join this wonderful project. You’ll be able to see our works in etwinning blog.

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