Electrical circuits



In our latest Science unit, we have entered into the world of magnetism and electricity. This fact has helped us to discover and understand how many and various devices, in our home and in our environment, work thanks to these two physical phenomena.
The first day, we had a lot of unanswered questions, but we were experimenting, looking for information, checking, creating, and day by day, we were coming to conclusions and the light was shining, never better.
We worked and experimented with the school material first, in order to get to our own work: Our own electrical circuits.

We have worked with the STEAM methodology:

S– Science (Physics)

T– Technology (Computers, ipads ..)

E– Engineering ( & Robotics)

A– Art (Design and crafts)

M– Mathematics (Mathematical operations ..)

We are proud of the work done! Have a look and enjoy!




Sixth level classes 😊

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