Hello! Nice to meet you! – Online meeting

Last Thursday, 7th February 2019, at half past eleven, all the 4th grade students had an online meeting with another school. They didn’t know where the other school was located, so they played a game. Through making yes /no questions they had to guess where the school was. The previous lessons we prepared the questions and chose the spokespersons and the students to search at the laptops and maps. The other school had to do the same.

The game was really interesting and funny and they had the opportunity to speak English. And yes, they finally discovered that the school we were playing with is in Prestatyn, in the United Kingdom.

This is the beginning of a project called “Express your culture” that 4th grade students are going to do with this school of Wales.

The first part of the project is the presentation of the schools. We are working on it, soon you can see the videos.

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