Adverbs of frequency

We use some adverbs to describe how frequently we do an activity.

These are called adverbs of frequency and include:

Frequency Adverbs Example sentences
100% always / every day I always have a shower.
90% usually She usually practises exercise.
80% normally / generally I normally have milk for breakfast.
70% often* / frequently He often listens to music.
50% sometimes You sometimes watch TV.
30% occasionally We sometimes go to the cinema.
10% seldom I seldom take photos.
5% rarely / hardly ever He rarely swims in the sea.
0% never She never drives a car.

*Often: Be careful! Some people pronounce the ‘T’ in often but many others don’t.


Online activities and games

Here there’s a list of exercise to practise with adverbs of frequency. I hope they help you to learn them! 🙂 adverbs-of-frequency

  1. Choose the correct adverb (easy)
  2. Choose the correct sentence (easy)
  3. Look at the chart and choose (easy)
  4. Put the adverbs in order (easy)
  5. Write the frequency adverb in order (easy)
  6. Put the sentences in order (medium level)
  7. Put the sentences in order 2 (medium level)
  8. Put the adverbs in order and write (medium level)
  9. Write sentences with the adverb of frequency (medium level)
  10. Write verbs and adverbs of frequency (medium level)
  11. Choose the correct answer (difficult)
  12. Read and choose the correct answer (difficult)
  13. GAME. Hangman

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