5.Unit 3 vocabulary

Awesome animals


Extra vocabulary

  • Arms: potes (o braços)
  • Belly: panxa
  • Claws: urpes
  • Feathers: plomes
  • Fur: pèl
  • Horn: banya
  • Legs: potes (o cames)
  • Mane: crinera del lleó
  • Shell: closca
  • Spots: taques
  • Tail: cua
  • Teeth: dents
  • Tusks: ullals
  • Whiskers: bigotis (d’animals)
  • Wings: ales

Vocabulary list

You can download the list here.

Other animals

  • Comodo dragon

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    The sheet that you have given us from the web to do the angles on the computer does not work for me and says username and password and I do not know what to put.


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