Year 6 visits “Miniatures del Pirineu” in Complex Cultural

Children in Year 6 of Primary Education visited the exhibiton called “Miniatures of the Pyrinees” by Joan Escolà last week. First of all they observed all the artworks in silence. Then, in groups of four, they described one of the miniatures (materials, forms…) and after reading the master craftsman’s biography they answered some questions about him in English. After, they sat down and they listened to Mr Escolà, who talked about his life and his artworks. Next, they watched a video in which they saw the process of making a miniature. Finally they asked some questions.

Children were asked to draw one of Mr Escolà artworks in their sketchbooks. When all the sketches are ready we will upload them on the school’s website and we will also send them to Gemma Escolà who will upload them on their website too.

We want to thank Mr Escolà and his daughter Gemma for being with us during our visit, for explaining so many interesting things about the artworks, for answering to all our questions and for being so kind.

Click here to watch some photos.

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