Oriol Finestra’s presentation in Year 6

Oriol Finestra is a 19-years-old student teacher from Les Borges Blanques. During this month he is doing interships with an English teacher in our school. It means that he is working without pay, in order to gain work experience and satisfy some requirements for a qualification in his teaching degree.

Today he told children in Year 6 of Primary Education about his experience in Ireland, where he has lived for four months. He studied in a secondary school in a little Irish village and he did lots of activities. He also talked about typical things in Ireland (food, sports, timetable, weather, celebrations…).

After his presentation he played an interactive game with the children to check comprehension. He used the ICT tool Plickers to ask questions to the children. They used QR codes to answer his questions.

His performance was awesome and children had great fun. Thank you very much and good luck!

Click here to see some photos.

Click here and here to see two videos.

This is Oriol’s PowerPoint presentation:

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