The European day of languages comes to school

The 26th September we celebrated the day of European Languages at our school.

We decided a sentence to explain the different languages we have at school. The sentence was “We all speak different languages and we understand each other” and we wrote it in Italian, French, Romanian, Chinese, Arabic, Bulgarian, Spanish and Catalan.

The students from P4 to 5th grade came to see the mural and listened to our explanations.

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By students of 6th grade

Click on the picture to see the photos!

What’s the Plurilingual Project for us?

The students of Cicle Superior have thought what is the new project started in our school this school year: the Plurilingual Project.

By doing a brainstorming, we looked for words related to it. You can find all these words in the mural created by using WordArt.

Here you are the result.

Com s’anomenen els polígons?

L’alumnat de 5è continuem treballant el polígons a l’àrea de matemàtiques. Després de descriure’ls, treballar amb el geogebra (TAC) i amb les eines de dibuix (regles, escaries, cartabons i compassos) ,hem decidit de classificar-los  fent un mural al passadís. D’aquesta manera, podrem compartir amb la resta de l’escola el que hem après. Tot i aprofitant que aquest curs a l’escola hem iniciat un projecte d’anglès, hem retolat el nom dels polígons en les 3 llengües que treballem (català, castellà i anglès).

Ens ha sorprès veure que els noms s’assemblen molt. Millor així seran més fàcils de recordar!!!!! 🙄

The 5th level students are working with polygons in maths. After describing them, working with geogebra (ICT) and drawing tools (rulers, squares, triangles and compasses), we have decided to classify them by making a mural in the corridor. In this way, we can share with the rest of the school what we have learned. As this school year we have started with the Plurilingual Project, we have marked all polygons in the 3 languages ​​we work (Catalan, Spanish and English). We were surprised to see that most of the names are really very similar. Better this way, they will be easier to remember !!!!!

Aquest és el nostre mural. This is our mural.

Strange Mammals

During this term 6th level students have worked with descriptions. The topic has been “Strange Mammals” as a part of the natural science project. We’ve chosen really strange mammals and we’ve looked for information on the internet. We had a scaffolding to follow all steps to write a great description.

By clicking the names, you can read and learn about the Maned wolfarmadilloNasaris Larvatusflying squirrelmulti – colored squirrelPalla’s catfennecsea horse, narwhalkinkajoujerboa, Palla’s catPatagonia marathe giant Indian squirrelthe manatee, and the karacal.

Here you can see the pictures while we were working. We’re very proud of our productions and very happy to share it with all of you. Next term we’re continuing our task with Endangered Animals.