English is fun!

In P4 we are learning vocabulary about our bodies. They are able to recognise and tell different parts of our body. Furthermore, they can ask and answer questions.
We are using manipulative materials and games to make faces and crazy bodies by asking questions to each… Llegeix més»


A crazy clown, a boat captain, a talking gorilla or even an NBA basketball player! Are some of the chracaters that are going to appear in the story that students in 4th are writing…
We played roll the dice and write a story not only to… Llegeix més»

El cos humà

Hem iniciat el projecte Creixem sans! i el nostre punt de partida és el cos humà. Aquestes setmanes ens hem fet preguntes i hipòtesis que al llarg del curs intentarem respondre-les. Hem creat un raconet de l’aula per poder posar tota la informació que anem… Llegeix més»