Numerical Enigmas Awards

During the third term, every day that we had English with the 2nd Level, we have raised a numerical enigma they had to guess. The answer had to be written with letters and it was so important that the answer was correct and it was well written.

And every day we talked about the correct solution and we gave a big star if everything was correct, a little star if something was wrong and nothing if they didn’t do it.

Today we have handed out the diplomas and prizes of the numerical enigmas. There were first, second and third prize and then diplomas for the rest. A part from this, the last four in the ranking have made a test that they have chosen.


“Around the world in 80 days”

On Monday 11th of June, all the students from Les Basseroles (from P3 to 6th grade) went to the theatre of Sant Miquel de Balenyà to watch a play called “Around the world in 80 days”. The play was based on the book that Jules Verne wrote many years ago.

In this play there were an actress and an actor representing all the characters of the story. The actor was Willy Fogg and the actress was changing her clothes all the time because she was Rigodon, Romy and John Transfer. Apart from these two people there was another character, Tico, an owl that was a puppet that Willy Fogg had on his shoulder.

In this play, apart from the spoken dialogues (sometimes difficult for us), we could listen and sing different songs that were versions from other songs of The Beatles. We enjoyed singing!!!

Here you have a photograph of one of the moments in which we sang:

Finally we can say that although we haven’t understood the play at all, it has been one more experience that we have enjoyed.

2nd Grade English Workshops

In the 2nd trimester, we finished the Project about the book “The Musicians of Bremen”. Today, you will receive from your kids an album  with the writting activities they did from September until the first half of the second trimester.
In this Project we talked about the different… Llegeix més»


Els alumnes de 2on han estat treballant al llarg d’aquestes setmanes el conte “The Musicians of Bremen”. Aquesta setmana hem acabat de treballar els animals i la seva classificació (farm, wild or pet animals) i com fer una descripció pròpia del seu nivell.

En acabar el tema dels animals, tot relacionant-ho amb el projecte d’aquest curs, hem mirat quins són els instruments de la història i quins serien els propis d’una Rock Band.

Us ensenyem el mural de classe actualitzat. Quan tinguem acabats els instruments que hem treballat, ja us ho ensenyarem.


Els alumnes de 1er hem començat a treballar el conte “The three little pigs”. Durant aquesta setmana hem llegit el conte en anglès i hem fet la seva comprensió. També hem fet grups de treball per construir les 3 cases i penjar-les al nostre racó d’anglès.

A partir de la setmana vinent, treballarem els personatges, alguns adjectius (big, medium, small, bad…), els materials amb què es poden fer les cases i, sobretot, les parts de la casa.

A continuació teniu una fotografia de com ens ha quedat el mural. Oi que ho han fet?