Sortida CRAM i Delta del Prat de Llobregat

The 21st of February, the students of 4th ESO and 1st BAT went to El Prat to visit the CRAM and the Delta of Llobregat Natural Park.

During the trip we stopped for a snack in Tarragona. Once in El Prat de Llobregat we went for a walk along a very long and sandy beach.

At 12 o’clock we went into the CRAM which is a Center for the Recovery of Marine Animals in Catalonia. This center aims at helping injured and ill animals namely turtles and dolphins.

The centre is divided into three sub buildings. The first one is about education and conservation, from elementary school children to university students. The second building is  devoted to research and conservation, where scientific projects are carried out to achieve the full recovery of marine ecosystems and investigate their marine animals. And finally, the clinic and rescue centre where volunteers and a veterinary team are responsible for the rescue and recovery of endangered marine species that reach the Catalan coast. They have a rescue vehicle available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. During the visit we could see several tortoises in the recovery section.

After the visit to the CRAM, it was time to eat and we went to the Delta of Llobregat Natural Park for lunch in a camping area. Then we started the visit around the mouth of Llobregat River and the animal and plants of the area. Finally we returned home.

The trip allowed us to know two very important places with native plants and animals in Catalonia.

Júlia Subirats i Aleix Benaiges.

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