L’alumnat de 1r d’ESO continua participant en el taller d’oralitat “Demano la paraula”. Després d’aprendre diverses tècniques de comunicació verbal i no verbal, el producte final ha consistit en la gravació d’un vídeo en el qual parlen d’un tema de la seva elecció.
Aquesta és una… Llegeix més»

Chat online with Erasmus partners BIS-RO

The partners from the different countries decided that we are going to use the Twinspace for chatting online with students meetings. Every time different students will chat and start meeting themselves.

This is a good idea so that our students can practise their English, meet other people and future friends of the Erasmus project and learn how other schools work.

We hope they can enjoy this a lot.


Forum Project

Students of 2nd ESO A and B have done some fascinating research about life in Ancient Greece. Besides, they could prepare the info in different formats and their creativity is extraordinary! They prepared very interesting materials that have surprised all of us. Congratulations!

Here you have some PICTURES.