Halloween at school

Some weeks ago we celebrated Halloween at school. Students had lots of fun decorating corridors, playing Halloween games, dancing and learning about this celebration. We loved It!
P4 and P5 drew little ghosts to dance and sang the “Little Ghosts” song.
1st and 2nd grade had a great time singing “The Haunted House” song and drawing Halloween characters to stick on a poster.
3rd and 4th grade learned about Halloween history and created an amazing poster too.
In 5th grade they watched some videos about Halloween history, and then Ian, Alex and Tomas showed us how to carve a pumpkin. They created a frightening crafty Pumpkin Field!
In 6th grade they learned about Halloween history and memorized some scary tongue twisters. They wrote them on a poster with beautiful drawings about Halloween.
Check these amazing photos to see the scary creations we made!