Last 23rd October the City Council of Parets del Vallès delivered the 2019 Educational Merit Awards, by the Mayor of Parets, Jordi Seguer, and the Councilor for Education and first Deputy Mayor, Casandra Garcia.

In this edition, the Teaching Award was awarded to the Lluís Piquer School for the project

The school waste is in our hands“.

Resultat d'imatges de hands holding waste

About the project:

Last year 6th graders carried out a PBL unit (Project Based Learning) about recycling. The project pretended to get our students thinking about the impact of recycling properly all their lifetimes. As a result of the work done, the whole school has started this year a new recycling project, involving all the school community that pretends to improve the waste management.

We will continue improving the project and looking for other ways to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of our enviorenment.

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