Master class barber service at INS Vall d’Hebron


Look Transformation of Carles López, our Head of Studies by professional barber and teacher Lluís Lozano

Shaving Tutorial-Step by Step

  • First, Lluis Lozano, our professional barber teacher, trims and shapes the client’s beard with a pair of scissors.

  • Next, he uses the electric razor to remove the excess of hair and thin the beard out.
  • Then, he applies some shaving cream and massages his face with a shaving brush in order to prevent irritation.
  • After that, the barber uses a sharp straight razor to remove all unwanted hair from the face and neck. Once this is done, he heals nicks and cuts with some tissue.
  • Finally, an aftershave lotion is applied to soothe the skin and give the client a clean shaven feel.