Dublin, Ireland

Last weekend our students flew to Dublin. For 9 days, they will live at homes with Irish families and attend English classes. They will also have the opportunity to know the landscape and the Irish culture doing some excursions and scheduled visits. An experience that surely they won’t forget in their lives.

Our students are having a wonderful time here in Dublin, visiting many interesting and beautiful places like ‘the Phoenix park, Dublin Castle, the Guinness Storehouse, The Trinity college with the historic ‘Book of Kells’ among others. We have even had a gathering together to celebrate a student birthday party.                                                                      

The last days of the week, we will do a guided visit to the Dublin Castle, an exhibition about a part of the Irish culture, the Vikings, and other cultural visits like getting to know famous writers such as James Joyce and Oscar Wilde.


On our last day, we will travel to the other side of the island to see the cliffs of Moher, a day trip visit including a guided tour at the city of Galway. May the weather be with us!



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