Projecte GEP, curs 2018-19

As content Technology and P.E. teachers, PBL has given us another way to work with our students. Previously they learned how to solve a real world problem but always with the guidance and help of a teacher. The fact that in PBL students have to learn about a topic working in groups and to solve a challenge by deciding the actions they want to take, makes this learning more active and personal.

We should highlight that the experience has been very enriching for all the students, for those with more fluent English, as well as for those who say they do not understand anything, but they have proved themselves wrong. All of them they showed interest in the activities and participated dynamically, which represents quite a challenge in the school we work at. They really enjoyed the group activities that provide interaction. They were open to the changes and they never complained about the group they were assigned to. Furthermore, they were curious about what they were going to learn next.

Tecnologia Educació Física

Information about the PBL project

Project PBL – Robotic Arm Pictures

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