The school year is almost over, and we have to say bye to our friends and teachers till next year. Here is a yearbook of our class 1st BAT D.
Wishing you a great summer! See all of September.
YEARBOOK 1st BAT D (click over)

Living through a pandemia!

What students of INS FORAT DEL VENT are saying about living through a Pandemia.
This video shows how students are dealing with this unusual situation. What do they do to keep going. How are they coping with on line teaching.
They share their worries, their feelings, their… Llegeix més»

Supermarket in Cerdanyola

There are a lot of supermarkets in Cerdanyola, but we have chosen Aldi as an example.
This video has been made by a group of students of 4th ESO. It gives information about the supermarket. I hope you like it.


Bohemian Rhapsody

Students of Batxillerat went to Sabadell to see the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. They learnt about the life of Freddie Mercury and they enjoyed the experience.

Mean Girls trailer in Catalan

Students of English culture through films  translate the original trailer of Mean Girls into Catalan.
Good job!!

A day trip in Barcelona

Students of 4th ESO spent 1 day in Barcelona. These are the places they visited.
Hope you like it!!


The 22nd February, the students of English culture through films, went to see the amazing Kubrick´s exhibition at the CCCB in Barcelona.
In the following video, the students themselves explain how it went.
We hope that you enjoy as much as the students did!!