The European Green Planet Film Festival interviews some directors

Dear students, teachers and environmental community,

Our team is working hard to judge all films arriving to the Festival. The selection committe, students from the four participating countries, have already rated 30 shortfilms, giving them a punctuation out of 15.

At the moment, we have chosen the 5 best rated and we are going to prepare some interviews for the directors.

Each school will add questions for those shortfilms and soon teachers will send the interviews to the directors via email. The Festival can not wait to receive a response from the directors. We are very excited.

Here you are a picture and some information about the top 5 films.

1. Selfish – Chen, Po Chien – Canada – 2′ 27″ – Animation

2. Clips per salvar el món – Javier Horrilo Linares – Spain – 3′ 47″ – Animation

3. Clean Heart – Dina Burlis – USA – 2′ 00″ – Documentary

4. Renew – Emma Lopez – Canada – 2′ 40″ – Animation

5. The bee rescuer – Bidit Roy – India – 6′ 38″ – Documentary

We hope to write to you again soon and to be able to show you the directors responses.

All the best and enjoy!

EGPFF staff