The Tardigrade (Water bear)

All the Tardigrades are considered aquatic because they need water around their bodies to allow the exchange of gases. Can be found more easily living in a film of water on lichens and mosses, as well as in doubts of sand, earth sediment, and litter.

Cast up to – meters below water they lack embryonic stage which means that they are born completely formed, to the right.

Eating cels, algae,… Tardigrade he can’t endure 30 years without eat and 10 years without to hydrate Tardigrade endures 10 years in the espace.

The reproduction of Tardigrade are rogues and fertilication is usually external, the eggs are left inside the cuticle of the slope to develop, the eggs extorted after 14 days the Tardigrades can change until 12 times.

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