Travel Journal on the Erasmus+ Mobility to Istanbul

Travel Journal on the Erasmus+ Mobility to Istanbul written by Júlia Massegur, Sergio Gracia, Jose Álvarez, Alba Sànchez and Mónica Ramos

Day 1, Sunday 11 July: Travelling to Istanbul
We have arrived well to the Turkish school, Asim’in Nesli Imam Hatip Ortaokulu, and the families have welcomed us wonderfully!

Day 2, Monday 12 July: Going to school and climbing trees
Today, the headmaster and the school staff has received us at school and have invited us to a typically Turkish breakfast. Then, we have attended a seminar on healthy habits and food.
After that, we have climbed some trees at the Kemerburgaz Forest. Amazing!

Day 3, Tuesday 13 July: Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosques and the Grand Bazaar
We have enjoyed the cultural visits today! It is a hot day but inside the Grand Bazaar we could be fresh! Bueno, bonito y barato they kept saying, and they were not wrong ☺️


Day 4, Wednesday 14 July 2021: Today we have made a poster in the school, after that we have gone to a castle near the sea and we have seen wonderful views.  We have eaten out and later we have visited an enormous palace called Dolmabahçe Palace and there we have seen dolphins. In the evening we have been to the famous  Istiklal street in Istanbul and entered St. Anthuan Church. Then, we have gone up the Galata Tower and there we have made a lot of magnificent photos of the panoramic views.

Day 5, Thursday 15 July 2021:  Today we have been to the Topkapi palace, which was huge and beautiful. We ate lunch in Ksaimpasa, near the sea, and later we visited the Koç Müzesi, which is a museum that  has all kinds of vehicles. Finally, we have been to the Süleymaniye mosque. We couldn’t see it much from the inside but we liked the whole of it and its surroundings very much. It was such a good day!

Day 6, Friday 16 July 2021: Today was a wonderful day. We went up the heightest tower in Istanbul, which has such incredible views… We ate lunch near the sea and later we went to the shopping centre because we had some free time. In the evening we were on board of a cruise, which made the Bosphorus Tour, and had dinner. Later, we took our certificates and then, we went back home and slept because the following day we had to go back to Spain.

Day 7, Saturday 17 July 2021: Going back to Barcelona . Júlia Massegur, Sergio Gracia and José Álvarez, thanks for having enjoyed this trip to Istanbul so much! The Spanish teachers, Alba Sánchez and Mónica Ramos, have felt really proud of their students, as they have been extremely nice, encouraged, active and participative every single day! We also want to highlight the Turkish teachers’ and families’ kind and delightful care and management! We have felt overjoyed, as well as with our Polish, Hungarian and Greek mates!

Looking forward to meeting you again!

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