HOW ARE YOU? Activity for 5th and 6th graders


How are you? How are you dealing with the fact of staying at home? What are you doing these days? Are you trying your best to keep learning? And moving your body a bit?

You can watch this short video to review a bit the vocabulary about our routines:

A typical day…

My day is also a bit more complicated than usual, I wake up between half past six and seven in the morning, I do some yoga (you can try it as well, it’s a challenge, I know some of you were already going to some yoga classes, and there is also Cosmic Kids where you can listen to stories while practicing some yoga poses), and then I have breakfast with my family.

Around nine we start our morning routine of homeschooling: a bit of Maths (the link leads you to your grade level), English, reading, Art, Science, etc… We try our best to have a routine! Hey if you have any apps or web pages you find interesting you can also share them with us 😉

I also try to find some time to search resources to share with you (if you click on resources you’ll go to a web page with lots of apps you can use to learn nearly anything you are interested in); I miss being at school and seeing you all!

We have lunch around 2 and in the afternoon my kids have some free time so I can work a bit as well.

We try doing some physical activity every day, just to keep our bodies moving, I know your PE teachers already shared some web pages with you, try them out! They are great and you’ll have fun!

At 7 we get out in the balcony and clap our hands for the great job you kids are doing by staying at home! Yes, you are all collaborating a lot! We also clap hands for our medical workers, but I think we should thank absolutely everyone for doing their best in this odd situation, some people have lost temporarily their jobs, some companies have faced really difficult times and they have closed down, it’s an uncertain situation, but we’ll recover from it! It’s in our hands!

We prepare dinner around 7 and then we have dinner together. We usually watch some TV (cartoons, or inkoK after dinner)

Before going to bed we brush our teeth, put on our pyjamas and read or tell a story or two; maximum three! And finally I usually do a short massage to my kids before thay fall asleep…

And this is more or less how our day goes during confinement. What about you?

I send you a big virtual hug and I wish I will see you again soon! Take good care of you and your family! Lots of love!


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