Hi! How are you all?

Some Kahoots are over now, I just wanted to say congratulations and thank all participants! Some of you strugled a bit at the beggining but you tried again and again, well done!

113 participants in: the ISS, the ones who after some tries got a 100% right answers were: Pau G 6A, Mariona 6C, Daniel 5B, W 6B, Anouar 6C, Mireia 6B, Xiuli 6C, Nicole 6C

68 participants in: Rock band summer camp, 100% correct: Alba 6B, Marc 5B

76 participants in: A cholocate experience, 100% correct: Raul 4B, Pau 6B, Martina 5B

Remember to do the reading before doing the kahoot!


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