Hi children! We hope all of you and your families are well and in good conditions!

These slow-moving weeks have been boring, because of the “not-going-out-and-staying-at-home” situation, so to make it easier you can enjoy working in English.

Regarding Primary, just remember that your English teachers are expecting seeing you: singing English songs, reproducing dialogues or role-plays. We add an innovation: using the “movie-maker”application where you can become actors/actresses, create your own scripts… in a concrete communicative situation!

Regarding Pre-school, you can record yourself singing a song (or a little piece of it) and send it to us; for doing this you can use any English song from the Symbaloo, “Daisy, Robin and me”,”Super simple songs” … or any other song that you know and like a lot! Also, if you watch an English story video, you can make a drawing, add the title and send us the photo. The same if you do some craft-work!

Remember! It’s important that the videos are short and they must be recorded horizontally! And write the name and class level of the student, please.

The English teachers will upload your contributions to the blog!

Good luck with your productions!

See you soon!


Ps. The e-mail adresses are the followings:


Hola nois I noies! Esperem que tant vosaltres com les vostres famílies estigueu bé!

Llegeix més»


Dear families and pupils,

How are you? We hope you all are fine!

As you know, we all will stay home for a while, but if you want to continue learning and improving your English, here we leave some resources and tasks to learn and have fun! Moreover, we remind you that you can also use the Symbaloo of each cycle. It is important to mention that this is an optional work, so you are not forced to do it.

A big hug,

The English teachers




Estimades famílies i alumnes,

Com esteu? Esperem que us trobeu tots bé!

Com sabeu ens quedarem uns dies a casa, però si voleu continuar aprenent i millorant el vostre anglès, aquí us deixem alguns recursos i tasques per aprendre i passar-ho bé! A més, us recordem que podeu fer servir també el Symbaloo de cada cicle.  És important esmentar que aquesta feina és opcional, així que no esteu obligats a fer-la.

Una abraçada forta,

Les mestres d’Anglès





Recomanacions d’estiu per treballar l’àrea d’anglès:

  1. Llibre de lectura: Around the World in Eighty Days, Jules Verne .
  2. Oxford   ISBN 9780194639118
  3. b) Entreu al English Corner del pàgina web de l’escola, allà trobareu un seguit d’activitats online de diferents nivells (de 1r a 6è).https://agora.xtec.cat/ceipsab/

Happy Summer Holidays
The… Llegeix més»