Hello everyone!
In La Draga School we work in corners in some of our English lessons. This way, students work in groups doing different activities such as games, tablet activities, computers, worksheets, picture dictionaries, cut-outs, wordsearches, crosswords, etc. This methodology motivate students because they learn with… Llegeix més»


Christmas has arrived at La Draga school!
These days we have done different activities related to Christmas.
In First Cycle we learnt the song “Hello Reindeer, goodbye Snowman” and, with 1st level students, we did finger puppets of a reindeer, a snowman and Santa. 2nd level students… Llegeix més»


These days we have learnt new vocabulary  and plenty of interesting facts about Halloween.
Halloween is celebrated on 31st October every year. Halloween is the modern name of an ancient Celtic holiday “Samhain”. People celebrate this day as a spiritual beginning of a new year. The various… Llegeix més»