English theatre -“Come fly with me”

Ahir, els alumnes de 3r, 4t, 5è i 6è, vam gaudir de l’obra de teatre en anglès Come fly with me de la companyia Look out! al gimnàs de l’escola. Aquesta obra ens explica la història de tres grans dones que van canviar el món: Valentina Tereshkova, Trudie Ederle i Amy Johnson. Durant l’obra vam gaudir molt i també vam tenir l’oportunitat de fer preguntes als actors!

Come Fly with Me is about three great women who changed the world. Valentina Tereshkova the first woman in space, Trudie Ederle, the first women to swim the English Channel and Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly solo from London to Australia. We meet Valentina at school while she looks out of the window and wonders what it would be like to travel into space. We then meet Trudie on her first failed attempt and learn what we need to do when swimming the Channel. We follow her successful attempt and students join in asking her questions. We are then swept up in the air with Amy in her plane Jason. We fly to Australia, through all types of weather and over all kinds of terrain. Finally we are again with Valentina who is looking down from space and tell us how small and fragile the earth is.

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