The Best Adverts in Year 5!

After displaying the adverts children in Year 5 of Primary Education created during this month, children in Year 6 casted their votes for their favourite ones. They had to read the 19 adverts displayed in our school’s hall and they chose one advert for each category: best prize, easiest to use, most useful and most attractive.

The results after the ballot are:

  • Prize for the best-prize product: The Multi-Color Crayon
  • Prize for the easiest-to-use product: The Multi-Color Crayon
  • Prize for the most-useful product: The Multi-Color Crayon
  • Prize for the most-attractive product: The Multi-Color Crayon

The winners, Núria and Dominik, in Year 5A got a Diploma and their product got a ribbon and an award for the best product voted for consumers. Congratulations to all the participants for your great adverts!

Click here to have a look at the ballot event.

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