English translations

English news in 2016-17 schoolyear

English News 18 – Premis E2 – Entrepreneurship school

English news 19 – New website of the project: Let’s Play EU60

English News 20 – We start with the 3R campaign!!

English News 21 – Week of mobility Erasmus+ in Gubbio, Italy.

English News 22 – Price for the extension project of the Joan Solà High School (2015-2016 school year)

English News 23 – Volunteers of 3rd ESO at the great food bank collection

English News 24 – Our Christmas Festival with photos and videos.

English News 25 – Visit of 1st ESO to Museu de Lleida, learning archeology

English News 26 – Presentation of the novel “La nit de les oques” by Eduard Roure

English News 27 – Making bread in 1st ESO

English News 28 – 1st ESO students knowing reptile species

English News 29 – Halloween Pumpkin’s Contest

English News 30 – Visit of the writer: Emili Bayo

English News 31 – Talks in English in 4th ESO and Batxillerat about legends

English News 32: Musical contribution for Marató de TV3

English News 33: Thank you to everyone who participated in the Open Doors Day!

English News 34: First action of the project “Sortim de l’Institut”

English News 35: Students Web Translation Team

English News 36: Project “Museum of Civilisations” in 1st ESO

English news in 2015-16 schoolyear

1. Environmental initiatives

2. Christmas Festival 2015

3. Our Translators Team starts working

4. Halloween and Castanyada

5. Against gender violence

6. Solidary food collection

7. Green Week

8. Peer monitoring

9. Projects 1st ESO

10. Little Prince 3rd ESO

11. Operation of a biomass heating system in our school

12. Macbeth in Institut Joan Solà

13. Theatre Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for 3rd and 4th ESO

14. Students of 1st ESO visit the Public Library in Lleida

15. Visit to ICG Software

16. Robotics in Cosmocaixa

17. Visit of the singer Miquel Pujadó