From Els Pins School we want to share with you our experience celebrating Halloween from 3rd to 6th grade of Primary.

Our 6th grade pupils prepared some scary sentences to record and frighten their families and friends. You will be able to watch them when they finish their editing!! They also went to the 3rd, 4th and 5th classes doing “trick or treat” and explaining their costumes, as they were wearing scary disguises. They did a great job and got lots of sweets in every classroom!!

They participated in a contest where there were three different prizes: the scariest, the most original and the most elaborate disguise. Choosing the winners was really hard!!

The 5th grade pupils carved pumpkins at home and brought them to school. We had to choose the scariest one, the most original one and the most elaborate one, too. Again, a difficult job for the jury!!

The 4th and 3rd pupils baked fantastic frightening cakes!! Three more prizes for them, too!! They were all so delicious and attractive…

In the afternoon we all met at the gym and danced to the music showing our costumes and having a lot of fun!!! We came back to the classrooms and gave the prizes to the different winners. It was amazing!!

When is Halloween again? We just can’t wait…

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