Activitats literàries del nostre alumnat

Durant aquestes setmanes de confinament s’han continuat realitzant activitats literàries de molt pes. Com a exemple, un seguit d’alumnes de 1r de batxillerat i 4t d’ESO han enregistrat uns quants capítols del llibre “Tirant lo blanc per a joves” en llengua anglesa, editat per Onada Edicions de Benicarló. Es tracta de: Carla Gil, Maria Rusu i Gisela Llombart (4t ESO C), Anna Tomàs, Maria Domingo, Mariam, Sònia Ferreres, Sàmia Sbaay i Marc Milian (1r batxillerat C), Tots ells han realitzat una tasca extraordinària. L’elaboració del vídeo ha anat a càrrec d’Aqib Chaubey, de 4t ESO A.

“The Jacobites”

On Thursday May 21 and Friday May 22 more than 70 students from different groups: 4t ESO C (humanistic and artistic), 1r Batx B (technological), C (scientific and humanistic) and D (business) took part in several online lessons so as to have a chat with the 4 members of ‘The Jacobites’, a Scottish traditional music band: Thoran Ferguson, Lewis Kelly, Stuart Spence i Ciaran McGhee. They could ask the Scottish musicians all kinds of questions related to the kind of music they usually play or their professional careers. They also learnt about the difficult moment all the musicians and artists are living nowadays, most specially self-employed ones. Our students could make use of their very good level of English, which was the lesson’s main purpose. The young Scottish musicians encouraged them to go on learning English as it can be very useful for their future. Besides, they told them a little bit about the Scottish accent and the way they spoke English in their country. They took for granted that knowing different dialects is very important in order to communicate with people, as there are many Englishes, all of them proper English.
“The Jacobites” have played twice in Mestràlia, a traditional music festival held in July in the little village of Campredo. They were very pleased to be in contact again with Catalan students as they remembered the beautiful enjoyable moments they had in Terres de l’Ebre.

Programa de formació i inserció Pla de Transició al Treball 2020/21

CURS 2020- 2021

Preinscripció :Telemàticament

excepcionalment, Visites concertades amb cita prèvia.

Presentació de sol·licituds: 25 de maig al 5 de juny

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Enquesta Sociologia

Hola a tots i a totes!
Som alumnes de l’Institut Dertosa de 1r de Batxillerat, a l’optativa de Sociologia hem realitzat aquesta enquesta sobre la situació en la que estem. Estaríem agraïts i agraïdes si podeu contestar-la i compartir-la!

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During the year 2020 most Western European governments have been commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nazi death camps liberation. Names such as Mauthausen-Gusen, Treblinka, Auschwitz or Ravensbrück became the clearest mirror of holocaust and genocide. Nazi Germany maintained Konzentrationslager, KL or KZ throughout the… Llegeix més»