London Trip – 2016

It has been a memorable trip. Actually,  it was the first time I travelled without my family. I felt like an adult.

What I liked the most about this trip was the chance to practice my English with native speakers. Sometimes I could hardly understand a word but when they spoke slowly I understood everything. My favourite day or my favourite thing about this trip was the tour on Jack The Ripper. The story about his crimes was very interesting. The truth is  the story made me think long and hard. It made me think that perhaps the first crime was committed by him but perhaps the others were just imitations by fans. That usually happens.

There was nothing I didn’t like, but I think we shouldn’t have visited so many museums, just a few. For me, staying an extra day in London was not so bad; the worst was waiting at the airport.

Overall I liked travelling to London.

Chaima Mojahid Loauham 1r batxillerat