School Day of Non-violence and Peace!

Today we have celebrated the School Day of Non-violence and Peace in the school of Freginals, doing a special break time called “Patis musicals”. We have received special guests! They are Lluís, Antonio and Swithin, retired teachers that have a lot of energy and things to share with all of us! First, Antonio has explained a story about love between a giraffe and a crocodile. Then, Swithin, who is from England, has explained another story in English called “I am an artist!”. After that, we have read the song “Imagine”, by John Lennon, and Swithin has helped us with the pronunciation. Finally, we have sung the song all together while Lluís was amazingly playing the guitar. It has been a great day! Special thanks to Lluís, Antonio and Swithin. We hope to see you soon!

To see some pictures, click here

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