ERASMUS Projeckt on Stockholm

(by Erasmus + students)

On April 15th, six students went to Stockholm to work in the Erasmus projekt. Everyone of us stayed with a Swedish family. We went to high-school from 9 to 4, and there, we worked in international groups of 5 people.

There were people from Holland, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Catalonia.

We had to do some augmented reality activities in and out of the building.

On the last day we went with our project groups to see the activities of the other groups around the city.


We made some new friends, and in some evenings students involved in  the project met in the park to talk and have a nice evening together.

It was a very nice experience for all of us and we learned a lot, we highly recommend everyone to take part in the project.

We are looking forward to see them at Ins Cardener and at our homes next November!

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