Us desitgem un molt bon curs!



Can you …?

Hello Year 3!Let’s watch the videos we recorded last Wednesday.Can you sing? Tra-la-la-laaaa!No, you can’t!


Hello Year 3 & 4!We had a lot of fun today at the Theatre in English, with Tarzan, Jane and Clayton! You can have a look at some photos from today.

And you can also watch the video from the Theatre Company. They are different actors but… Llegeix més»

Two Little Blue Birds

Hello P3!!!Last week in class we have done two bird puppets and we have tried to learn a chant about Two little blue birds… watch the video and enjoy!!!

Fem un mural

Avui els nens i nenes de Cicle Inicial hem fet un mural per decorar l’escola per Carnaval. Gràcies als arbres que les famílies esteu portant, l’escola està quedant molt maca!

Mural Cicle Inicial on PhotoPeach

Yesterday I was…

Hello Year 6!Let’s practice the verb To Be in Past Simple.Click on the image to start!

Click on the next image to practice how to say the time in English.