Us desitgem un molt bon curs!



Space Food

Hello Year 3!Let’s listen and sing the song Space Food. Click on the picture.Remember to study the song for next Wednesday!

You can play a game about food here. Click on the picture to start.

Incy Wincy Spider

Hello P5!Let’s watch the video we recorded today! You all did a very good work! Incy Wincy Spider is very happy!


Hello Year 5!!!Listen to the story “The film star” and discover if Danny makes his dream come true or not…

Then listen to the song “I like sports” and sing along!!!

What’s your favourite sport? 

Vamp, the Vampire

Hello Year 4!Let’s watch the story of “Vamp, the Vampire”  and listen and sing the “Tick tock rock chant”.

You can also play a true or false game here: 


Hello P4 & P5!!!The garden… what a great show!!! We really enjoyed the puppet show on friday with professor Jack and our friends the animals of the garden: the caterpillar, the bee, the frog, the ant, the grasshopper, the spider and the butterfly!!!Have a look… Llegeix més»

Taller de plantes

Aquest trimestre els nens i les nenes d’Infantil hem fet uns tallers sobre les plantes, aprofitant la gran quantitat de cintes (Clorophytum comosum, de la família de les liliàcies) que tenim al jardinet. Vam agafar esqueixos i els vam posar en potets amb aigua per veure… Llegeix més»

Survey V

Hello everyone!Do you like sports?We have the new survey question in the Blog or in the English Notice Board. Please, don’t be shy and participate!!The question is:
Olympic games are going to be held in London on Summer 2012. What country do you think is going… Llegeix més»


Hello Year 5 & 6!We had so much fun and we laughed a lot today at the theatre.Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Fritz were so funny!!Let’s have a look at the photos! 
Theatre Frankenstein on PhotoPeach

Children participated actively… have a look at the videos and enjoy… Llegeix més»