Theatre comes to Nostra Llar


Last Tuesday (20th November) the boys and girls from 3rd to 6th went to the theatre in the school gym. We enjoyed and learnt a lot.

Pupils of 3rd and 4th level watched the “Magic Myths” show. It was about two myths or stories: “King Midas” and “Medusa”. It was very funny and interesting.

Pupils of 5th and 6th level watched “Scary tales” by Edgar Allan Poe. The actor told us three stories and the biography of this famous North American writer.

Herebelow are some of the comments about the show of our pupils:

-“Edgar Allan Poe is a very good writer of scary stories. My favourite story of the theatre of yesterday is THE TELL TALE HEART”.

-“I like the theatre play, because the actor was funny and he acts all the characters very well. And we can participate in the story of Edgar Allan Poe”.

– “I like the play because it is scary, but also funny. Edgar Allan Poe life is sad”.

If you want to see more photos click here

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