Global Scholars: course 2016-2017

During this year, 6th grade students have developed the Global Scholars project. This is a brand new project where our students work using a project-based learning in English.

They have made different projects related to the topic “Digital cities connect”. They learned vocabulary of Internet issues and technology. They also learned the consequences of cyberbullying or how to surf on the Internet in a safety way.

The project was divided into 5 units. They worked in groups to carry out different projects at the end of every unit.

They made a video introducing themselves, a PSA (Public Service Announcement), a virtual tour, inventions and a commercial talking about cyberbullying and Internet privacy.

It has been interesting because they improved their English skills.

It has been a pleasure working in this project and we will be on it next year.

Here they are our projects!!

Enjoy them!!









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