Hongria 2016


BUDAPEST, del 18 al 24 d’abril del 2016


Al final no ha pogut ser a Turquia! Estava previst que la darrera trobada se celebrés al centre turc de Tekirdag en aquestes dates. L’escola turca ja tenia el programa enllestit i ens esperaven a tots amb molta il·lusió. Però els esdeveniments polítics (que ens havien frenat de comprar els vols i, per tornar-ne a parlar, esperàvem la trobada del febrer a Riudoms) no han fet altra cosa que empitjorar.

Quan ja desestimàvem d’anar-hi, el centre impulsor d’Hongria ha fet els tràmits per poder fer aquesta trobada a la seva seu a Budapest. Ha estat tot molt ràpid i precipitat, però finalment s’hi ha pogut desplaçar una colleta de sis alumnes i dos professors.

Durant aquesta setmana han pogut compartir experiències amb alumnes i professors dels altres centres membres: Hongria, Romania, Grècia, Turquia i Itàlia. S’han adonat que som diferents en molts aspectes, però alhora similars en d’altres; han practicat l’anglès, han compartit coses i han rigut molt. I han descobert alguns aspectes de la cultura hongaresa i sobretot la seva magnífica capital, Budapest.



All the participants of the last Erasmus + mobility want to say thanks to have had the opportunity to live a great experience.  For seven days we have shared our lives with people from five European countries and it has given us a new and better idea about how different and similar people are in many ways. We have practiced and improved the English language exchanging the Hungarian culture and traditions. And everybody has learnt a lot about the historical capital, Budapest.

Both sides the hilly Buda and the plain Pest offer and impressive view that is more than beautiful. They are plenty of Hungarian history that our students learnt developing some treasure hunts. We visited the Castle district, strolled around the gothic Mathias Church, whose spire stretches up into the sky, and the neo-romantic Fisherman’s Bastion.  We visited the grave of Güll Baba, walked along Margarete Island, and around the Ciudadella at night. The Opera House, the Synagogue and the Great Hall market were also well seen from inside and outside. We sailed along the Danube with the company of a gentle guide. The basilica dedicated to King Saint Stephen who founded the Hungarian state was really wonderful. And at least we could enter into the splendidly decorated Parliament and learn why the Hungarian Jewish Shoes lay there. There were many tasks related to come to know the University guidance and study the most interesting bridges over the Danube.

The banks of the river are alive day and night. It is the city of the coffee houses. So we loved to spend time in there as some popular poets and writers did in the past. Actually, the teachers had some meetings there to talk and rest with our colleagues after sight-seeing. But we also spent our lunch time with our students tasting and enjoying the Goulash and other traditional dishes in a lively city that leads the currently gastronomy in Europe.

In this animated and vital city, our students used the public transport and they saw its beauty metro lines.  Daily they crossed the capital many times and now they are able to manage the complex web of metro, tram, trolley bus, and bus line. They used from the oldest (the 1st underground line on continental Europe) to the most modern and fastest ones.

Following the way of the bus number 22 we enjoyed the outskirts of Budapest. They are plenty of woods and natural parks of pine trees and some middle ages ruins. After some bus stops we arrived in a rural area. It was Budakeszi. We got off at Sándor József Gimnázim because it was the high school where the teachers organized and hosted the event. Everybody participated and developed some work about the project, visited the school and celebrated the farewell party.

Our students have had memorable experiences during the week as the one in Aquaworld. They are absolutely happy. They shared with the other students a piece of their lives. For this reason it is not possible to finish this report without mentioning that we want to recognize the efforts that the coordinator did to organize the activities, tasks, celebrations to make this event the most unforgettable experience possible.



20/4/16 10:11:25 h

Today we woke up about 8:00am. After a great, and unhealthy meal we met with the others erasmus students to go to the Buda castle. Once in there we answered some questions about its history. Then we went to a mall for having lunch and spend some time in the shops. In the evening we visited an islanf between the two Danubian’s banks. In fact, the island was a park. We did a task there, take photos of the more interestings things. At 6:30 we went dinner on the main square. After we enjoyed a great time doing a night tour in Buda side. To end the day we visited the ciutadella where we saw the beautiful city lights. It was an amazing day full of experiences.

22/4/16 12:28 h

Today is an important day , as we are in the middle of the trip. We woke up at 7.00 am and at 8.00 am we were eating breakfast . Then we went to the “Square of Food ” where we always gather all countries. Then we separated into groups to go to a university. The task was to find a student that had been in Erasmus and make questions to get to know their experience. After that we went to visit the Basilica. We had lunch and we went to school of Hungarians to do a peoject about our country. At 7:00 pm we were in a restaurant where we had dinner together and we enjoyed two folclorics dances. After that we danced and we’ve had fun. We arrived at 00:15 at the hotel because unfortunately we lostthe metro. It was a beautiful day but also very tired!

23/4/16 8:33 h

Today was the last day together. We got up very early because we had to buy the tickets for going to the Parliement tomorrow, but finally we couldn’t buy them. However, we could see the outdoors of the parliement: it was amazing. After that, we met the erasmus’ students at the meeting point. Today’s task was to visit the 8 bridges of Budapest. It was good, but we weren’t able to do many things because we didn’t know the answers and the hungarians did it. Later we went to a park so far from the place we were. We had to take the bus, metro and the tram. It took us about an hour. We had lunch there, and we took a little rest in the fresh grass. In the afternoon we went to an aquapark. After a long journey, and taking another time all the transports, we got in Aquaworld. It was awesome: we spent an exciting evening with water, and also we could swim outdoors! Finally we went to have dinner at a Macdonald’s. And after all, it was a very good and tiring day.

26/4/16 9:22 h

On Saturday we woke up to go to somewhere in Budapest. But we hadn’t got any idea where we were going. So we went to the adventure walking along some streets and we saw many shops and obviously, we bought something for the people that were waiting for us in Spain. Then we visited the Parliament, it was awesome, much bigger than we expected. After the visit we had lunch in a square that we had seen in the morning. We ate a type of bread with something inside, for example meat or something else. Later, we wanted to go to Margaret island but suddenly it started to rain and we had to go back to the hotel. But then we accepted to play at the bolling alley and very near it we bought the dinner. Once we were at the hotel we decided to go to the swimming pool but it was closed. Finally, we went to the room to sleep a little because after some few hours we had to be in Riudoms. By Oriol Manzanero