“Our trip to Ireland”

foto alumnes irlana 15-16

“Our trip to Ireland” from INS Secretari Coloma on Vimeo.

It’s been a month now since we went to Ireland, it’s crazy how time flies. I remember when in September we started counting down to the days to go there…

I have to say that my expectations of this trip where very high, and once there, everything was so different from what I had imagined… Even so, it was an amazing trip.

We went to a little town called Ennis, located in the county of Clare. Everyone stayed with a different Irish family, all of them nice and welcoming. The weather was perfect, we went there assuming it would rain and to our amazement we didn’t have any rainy day. We were also lucky to be there on such an important day for the Irish culture, we celebrated the famous Saint Patrick’s Day.  Finally, we could also admire the fascinating views from the Cliffs of Moher.

Obviously, it was a great opportunity for us to improve our English but also to have a great time and discover the Irish culture.


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