Americana Film Festival


 A day in the Americana Film Festival

Last Friday, March 4th, the students of Batxillerat discovered one of the hidden faces of the film industry by attending tothe Americana Film Festival’s activities in Cinemas Girona. This independent movie event organizes film sessions in which people can get to know underrated or not really promoted works. In our case, it was the documcinemaentary “Blood Brother”, which tells the story of Rocky Anna, an American boy in his twenties who moved to India to live his life helping and taking care of young orphans suffering from HIV/AIDS. The whole documentary was recorded by his friend Steven Anna, giving it a rather improvised and amateur tint and accentuating the drama by making it more realistic. Indeed, some students ended up being moved to tears. The film punched them with its cruel reality. After watching the film, one of the festival staff members asked the audience to enter a debate about the topics showed in the documentary. The students were able to discuss about subjects like volunteering, sacrifice, goodwill and the reasons why people decide to leave their lives behind to help those in need.

We personally recommend watching the documentary and assisting the next Fest edition.

PS: Anna means “Big Brother” in Indian.


By Marc Andrés & Elena Martínez


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