Unit One

In this unit there are seven steps.





Please complete all the activities in the different steps.

Step One


1- Vocabulary:  Favourite things

Here is a list of my favourite things

football, trainers, games console, books, rollerblades, guitar, headphones, MP3 player, skateboard, mobile phone, computer, comics



Now go to EDpuzzle and watch the Unit One video on “Favourite things”


2- Ask a friend

What’s your favourite thing?

Jordi:  What’s your favourite thing?
Anna:   My favourite thing is my mobile phone, and you?
Jordi:   My favourite things are my computer and my skateboard.


3- Where do we usually use the things in exercise 1?

Indoors, outdoors or both?

Make a list of where you use the things.

football – outdoors 
trainers – both… etc 

Now here are the links to www.padlet.com

Go to your link and upload a picture of your favourite thing, say what it is and say why you like it or where you use it.


1A  –  Please click here
1B  –  Please click on the word bottom.
1C  –  Please click on click.
1D  –  Please click on the first word.


 Step Two




Jessica Watson – a teenage hero


This is Jessica Watson.  She’s Australian and she’s 16.  She’s a sailor.  Her yacht is the Pink Lady.  Pink is Jessica’s favourite colour!  Jessica and the Pink Lady are on a trip around the world from Sydney Harbour in Australia, over the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and back to Sydney.  That’s 23,000 miles!  She’s on the Indian Ocean now.


Jessica’s family and friends are in Australia.  She speaks to her mother and father every day on her satellite phone.  Her satellite phone is very important.  It’s her connection with her family – and the world.

Jessica’s yacht, the Pink Lady, is her favourite thing.  The sea is her favourite place.

1- Look at the photo of Jessica.  Why is Jessica famous?


2- Now go to EDpuzzle and watch the Unit One video on Jessica Watson, read the text at the same time.  What is her favourite thing?


3- Complete these sentences for you in your notebook.


            1- My …………… is very important to me.
            2- My favourite colour is ……………..
            3- My favourite place is ……………… 

            Example:  My motorbike is very important to me.


Step Three


Grammar 1





1- Possessive Adjectives


Now go to EDpuzzle and look at the Unit One video, “Grammar 1 Possessive Adjectives”


Copy this table into your notebook

Subject Pronoun           I       you      he      she     it      we      you       they

Possessive adjective    my    your     his     her     its     our     your      their


2-  Possessive –  ‘s


Now go to EDpuzzle and look at Unit One video, “Grammar 1 Possessive – ‘s” 


Use a name or a noun + ‘s to show possession.

The Pink Lady is Jessica‘s yacht.    (Jessica’s yacht)

Jordi‘s favourite thing is his mobile phone.     (Jordi’s favourite thing)

Anna‘s eyes are blue.     (Anna’s eyes)

The Adidas bag is Marc‘s bag.     (Marc’s bag)

Step Four



 Listening and Vocabulary



Countries, nationalities and languages

“Are you Spanish?”
              No, I’m Mexican.

Now go to EDpuzzle and look at Unit One video, “Nationalities and countries”

Use the words from the video to complete the table, copy the table in your notebook.

          Country             nationality           main official language

  1. Spain                 Spanish               Spanish
  2. Canada              …….                    English and French
  3. Colombia          …….                     Spanish
  4. Australia           Australian           ………….
  5. the USA            American            ………….
  6. the UK              ……..                    English
  7. Poland               Polish                  …………
  8. Morocco            Moroccan            ………..
  9. Brazil                 Brazilian             ………..
  10. Japan                  Japanese             Japanese

Can you think of any more?




In English we use capital letters with
           – countries
           – nationalities and
           – languages

“I live in Catalunya, I speak Catalan and Spanish.”


Now it’s your turn

Work with a partner in your group.  Ask and answer the questions.

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What nationality are you?
  3. What languages do you speak?
  • Where are you from?
  • I’m from France.


Extra activities


If you want you can play some games here.
               Game one
               Game two
               More games

Step Five



Grammar 2

Question Words




What is a question word???


Who is the boy with blue eyes?
Where is my mobile phone?
What is your favourite rap group?
When is your brother’s birthday?
How old is the teacher? 

  • Where are you from?                        I am from Canada.
  • What is your favourite thing?           My favourtie thing is my phone.
  • How old are you?                              I am 12.
  • Who are your friends?                      My friends are Marc and Anna. 
  • When is your birthday?                    My birthday is in April. 


1-  Look at the table and match the questions with the answers 

1.  What is your favourite TV programme?               a.  I’m from Germany. 
2.  Who is your best friend?                                   b.  I’m 13.
3.  How old are you?                                             c.  I love the news.
4.  Where are you from?                                        d.  On Tuesdays.
5.  When are your music classes?                          e.  Jack. 



In English we use “on” and a capital letter for days of the week.

“I play tennis on Wednesday and Friday.”



Step Six



Reading:  Culture



A world of Education




How many languages are there in this poster?
Do you know what the languages are?

Now go to EDpuzzle and look at the Unit One video, “A world of Education”

Listen to the text and read at the same time


Britian is a very multicultural country.  Children in British schools come from all over the world.  Montford secondary school is a typical example.

The “Hello” poster is a poster on the wall of a classroom in Montford Secondary school in Cardiff.  Cardiff is the capital of Wales in the UK.

Montford is a small school with 800 students but the children are from a lot of different countries:  Poland, Pakistan, China, a lot of African countries and, of course, Wales.  The children speak about ten different languages including Welsh and English.

Nafisa is 12 years old.  She’s from Pakistan.  “I love the school.  It’s interesting.  We meet children from other countries.  I’m interested in their cultures.”

Piotr is from Poland.  “It’s great here with children from different cultures.  My best friend is Alexander, he’s from Romania!”

Montford isn’t a big school but it’s very international and it’s a very nice place.


1- Read the text again and now answer the questions

  1. Where is the “Hello” poster?
  2. What is the capital of Wales?
  3. Where are the children in the school from?
  4. What is Nafisa interested in?
  5. Who is Piotr’s best friend?


Now it’s your turn

Work with a partner in your group.  Ask and answer the questions.

  1. What are the different nationalities in your school?
  2. What languages do they speak?
  3. Are any of your friends from other countries?  Where?



Step Seven



Speaking and Writing




Meeting and Greeting 



A personal Profile

Teen Web Profile

My name’s Ana Sanchez.  I’m 12 years old.  My birthday’s on 13th March.  I’m Spanish and I’m from Malaga.  My dad’s Spanish and my mum’s from Manchester in England.  My school is IES Salvador.

I like music and sport.  My favourite music is hip hop and my favourite sport is basketball.  I’m in a team at schoo.  We practise on Tuesdays.  We’re very good!  My favourite thing is my New York Mets shirt.  They’re my favourite team.


Now it is your turn.

You have to write a personal profile.  You can use Ana’s profile to help you.  Write at least 70 words. 


Think about the content

In your profile you can talk about:

  • name
  • age
  • birthday
  • nationality
  • town/country
  • languages
  • interests
  • favourite things

What things does Ana talk about in her profile?  
Does Ana talk about all of the things in the list?
What information is NOT in her profile?


Please write your text and post it with your name and a photo here in the padlet links.

My personal profile,

Link 1A,  1B,  1C,  1D


Remember to use capital letters. 

  • to start a sentence (My name is…)
  • Names and places  (Harry, Manchester)
  • Countries and nationalities  (Japan, Spanish)
  • Months and days of the week  (September, Monday)





*Pictures source on this article: Google images.

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