Talent Contest!!

Calling everyone with any talent! On April 12th we will be holding a showcase of the talents of this school!

On April 12, you, your family and friends are invited to come to the Gym at 6pm to see and vote on the
different talents we have here in our school. Tickets will be pre sold by April 8th and will be sold for
1€. Refreshments will also be sold. We want all the talent we can get! (Talents can include, but are not
limited to: singing, dancing, painting, programming, athletic talents, writing, robotics, drawing, and
any other talent you may have) Talents projects can be done individually, in pairs, or groups!
All proceeds will go to pay for PROM at the end of the year! Prom is an American End of the year dance
that is a time honored tradition! At the talent showcase there will also be a booth where students can
submit song suggestions for the prom for only 0.50€ which will go towards paying for the music
system and DJ!

Prizes for Winning the Talent Showcase!!
1st: Free breakfast for a WEEK & free Prom ticket
2nd: A free breakfast & free Prom ticket
3rd: Free Prom ticket

Podeu veure aquí la versió en català.