BITE 2nd Mobility. 2nd and 3th ESO

BITE is an international Erasmus+ project which sheds light on Nutrition as a determinant of functional autonomy and quality of life. This project aims at supplying students with the appropriate tools to become active agents and critical consumers, able to identify healthy practices related to nutrition: the way that food choices and eating habits are viewed can shape their perspective of health and wellness for the rest of their lives.

From 4th to 10th May the second BITE mobility took place in France (Paris-Caen). Second and third ESO students from institute PAU VILA travelled to France to visit Paris and Caen to learn about eating habits in the second meeting of the project. They were host by French students from Hastings College, so that they have been able to know and live together with a Norman family for a week.

The program consisted in some pedagogical activities related to the topic of BITE. Some of them were:

  • Oral explanations about the waste food. As the BITE countries are Mediterranean countries, students try to unify criteria and establish comparisons as regards the dietary culture.
  • Visiting some important buildings in Caen as the “Abbey des Hommes” and visiting important places of World War II in Normandy,
  • Gardening to create a European vegetable garden
  • Visiting farms and contacting with local agricultural producers so that students learnt about how to produce biological cheese, cider, vegetables…
  • Doing scientific experiments to know the several properties between homemade and industrial honey
  • Debating in English about the for and against of palm oil.
  • Taking part in an orienteering course with questions related to health and wellbeing.

The experience has been great and full of memories to take back to our respective countries. The next meeting will be in Portugal in November 2019 and in this case the topic will be around water and health.