Trip to Edinburgh by Roshni Gurung

 This trip to Edinburgh has been a great experience for me to learn English interacting with the natives and, to tell the truth, I’ve improved my listening!

At first, the Scottish accent was quite difficult to understand and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to communicate with the host family well, but it turned out to be fine, because the host family spoke to us patiently and, day by day, you get used to coping with the accent and you make an effort to understand and try to chat with them. Apart from that, we acquired new knowledge from their culture which is very different from ours, so we can adapt it in our lives.

Dancing Scottish dances in the Ceilidh was one of the most exciting activities we had, because – although it was tiring – it was very entertaining as when we did a small play which made us laugh and realise that time had passed very quickly.

Visiting the Edinburgh Castle was worth it because the view of the city was spectacular, and all the museums were different and intriguing.

Personally, I think Scots are very respectful and peaceful-minded people, and they are patient and understanding. Even if the weather in Scotland may seem upsetting and gloomy, the people are very friendly and kind.

Roshni Gurung (1st Batxillerat B)

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