Last week three of our Erasmus+ students visited Germany as an activity for the “FIT FOR WORK INEUROPE” project. The activity took place in Lahr from the 16th to the 22nd November 2014. During this week our students did three different presentations in English. The first one was about our school, Marc Colilla and  Josep Mª Tirado made a video presentation which was highly evaluated by the Erasmus+ teacher team. The second presentation was about the process of making our Logo for the contest. The third and the last presentation was about the Spanish Labour Market . Jordi Camacho, Marc Colilla and Josep Mª Tirado presented a slide show with all the information our Erasmus+ student team had found about it. There were some slides about unemployment and youth unemployment, minimum salary wages, growing demand industries, traineeships, scholarships and internships in Spain. ..

The web structure for the project was also presented. The design of it was made by Sonia Monzó, who is the coordinator of our ITC vocational training courses.

Our students attended some lessons in the German School. They could see the differences compared to ours! It was a really nice experience for them.

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They also made some excursions. They went to Europa Park which is the biggest amusement park in Germany and where they attended a speech of one of the park managers. He explained the park history and its development. He also explained how to make a good CV and application letter to apply for a job in Europa park.

They also visited the city of Oberkirch and the Schauenburg Castle where they could see a beautiful sunset!

Strasbourg in France and Freiburg in Germany are  two other cities  they visited. Strasbourg is famous because it is the seat of the European Parliament ,  and Freiburg  because of its cathedral and historic buildings. Both of them used to be part of the same region many years ago!

The teachers who went to Germany with our students are the project coordinators, Dolors Botanch and Blanca Gimeno.

The teachers that helped our students to prepare all the work for their presentation were Leo Sanchís, Gloria Berrocal, Josep Mª Vila,  and Pilar Marcellán besides the project coordinators.

Our next activity will take place in Poland in May. We are looking forward to it!