A Medieval Town

Hello! Here you have the poem “A Medieval Town” and also you can here how to pronounce it (Click on the picture below)

A Medieval Town

Dunstan, Dunstan, what a medieval town,

Not too big, not too small,

In the middle of the countryside,

We go there for our stall.


And oh, does it stink!

Built around the brown river,

But the villagers wash there anyway,

It does make one shiver!


We slip and slide and fall over,

As the streets are rivers of mud,

It could be worse though,

For last year there was a flood!


There are lots of jobs though,

I happen to be an excellent baker,

I cook bread all day and night,

And live in a room with a shoe maker.


People from all over the country,

Come there to trade and sell,

The watchmen wander at night,

Waiting for the end of the day bell.


The animals they squeal and neigh,

Stood in their pens,

The cows moo and moo,

And at their feet the hens.


Agh! Water has landed on me,

It has come from up there

The women she waves at me,

As sewage runs through my hair!


The castle is nearby,

With their lords and their knights,

They ride through the town all the time,

And start various fights!


When the people come passing through,

They bring all their sniffs and flu,

Sometimes it’s like the plague all over again,

I hope I don’t get it – achoo!


Vagabonds beg, and children run,

The cobbler smacks his hammer up and down,

The noise, the smell, the chaos, all here,

Oh, what a medieval town!

(Unknown Author)


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